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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making changes to your website design and content to be at the forefront of Google searching by increasing the visibility of your business.

You must know that Google is constantly changing and by optimizing your website you will update all the algorithms to increase your presence in the organic search engine results.

Why SEO positioning is important for your business?

Approximately 1.4 billion Internet searches are carried out every hour in the world. Of those searches, 70% of clicks are on organic results (SEO) and the remaining 30% on sponsored results (SEM).

Of that 70% clicks on organic results, 75% of users only review the results of the TOP 10 first pages of Google.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work aims to attract the attention of search engines to increase the quantity and quality traffic to your website. We will know what makes your company relevant to the consumers by the type of products or services you offer.

At Opt-Media, we carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the practices recommended by Google to achieve a natural and quality positioning that remains in time.

What does a SEO agency like Opt-Media offer you?

  • We perform an audit of your web pages to make all the necessary code and structure modifications or to develop a new site with our CMS, one of the most sensitive and intuitive systems on the market for multi-platform websites (desktop, phones, tablets).

  • Our SEO department investigates the most relevant keywords and searches terms entered by those users who are interested in contacting companies with different areas of services.

  • We create new graphic and text content for your website, that reflects your products and services and ensuring that search engines recognize them in a relevant way for the potential clients.

  • Social Media says everything about your business!  To complete the entire process, we promote the presence of your company's brand in the main social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google my Business, and Google Maps. We also create quality links to connect the websites relevant to your sector to attract more visitors.

  • We will monitor and analyse the results obtained from your website in the ranking of the different search engines, so that, once a month, we will send you a detailed report with new strategies proposals.

Opt Media: Google Partners

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    • Continuing with our expansion process in America, we are very proud and excited to announce that Opt Media is currently setting up the company and outlining the details of the opening of our office in Mexico City.

      Opt Media Google SEO Mexico is a reality and soon you will be able to start hiring our 360º marketing services throughout the Federal Republic of Mexico, from Sonora to Yucatan!

      • Web design
      • Social Community Manager
      • SEM
      • Google SEO México 
      • Online Review Reputation
      • Premium Domain Rental

      After our positive experiences in Peru, Colombia and Chile, we are confident that we have arrived in Mexico at the best time and more prepared than ever to take on this new challenge and take Mexican local marketing to the next level.

      As Google partners we specialise in improving and optimising all types of marketing solutions for small, medium and large companies in all sectors. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help Mexican companies to get more visibility for their products and services on the Internet, you will find us very soon in our new offices located in Polanco, a neighbourhood located in the northwest of Mexico City and one of the most important business centres in the Federal District.

      We are also looking for talent based in Mexico City to join our team, so if you are a good sales consultant, SEO technician, web designer, network expert or content writer, do not hesitate to contact us and Opt Media will be happy to meet you and interview you: 

      As usual, this new American adventure is headed by Pablo Parra di Viserta (CEO and co-founder of Opt Media)  who will also have all our technical support from Europe to start taking the first steps in Opt Media Google SEO Mexico.  

      We will keep you posted, so stay tuned to our blog!
    • Pablo Parra di Viserta was born and raised in Barcelona and studied International Business & Marketing in London at London Metropolitan University, where he graduated cum laude (BA Honours degree). 

      Now 44 years old, he lives between Spain and Italy and spends his time enjoying and travelling with his wife and their two daughters and sharing his know-how to grow and expand Opt Media, an online marketing company, all over the world.

      Today Opt Media is consolidated in the main Spanish cities with more than thirteen years of experience behind it, it is represented in Italy and has production offices in the United Kingdom and Norway, in addition to its exponential growth throughout Latin America: Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador. 

      What's next? We will try to find out in this interview.

    • Thanks to the trust placed in OPT Media by our clients, we have already invested € 200,000 in Google AdWords, which has resulted in millions of impressions and hundreds of potential consumers.
      OPT Media, help to grow your business since 2008 with the best digital marketing strategies. 
      If you want more information about our services to increase the visibility of your company on the Internet, do not hesitate to contact us.

      “The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks” Mark Zuckerberg (Co-Founder of Facebook)
    • Opt Media Marketing Solutions has passed the audit that shows we have the knowledge, experience, and requirements to be an official Google partner.
      The certificate "identifies companies that stand out with Google products. Their companies are prosperous, their customers are satisfied, and they follow Google's recommended practices."

      Now, more than ever, we will be in direct contact with Google about the latest news and updates of its services, such as AdWords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools, with all the information to offer the best digital solutions to our customers.

      Besides, you can find us on the partner portal search engine:
    • Opt-media has been awarded again by Google, as the best SEO positioning company in Spain, placing us in the top three natural positions of its search engine, for more than twelve months. 

      One more guarantee that Opt-Media has become the number 1 Spanish online marketing Agency